Review & FAQ

An updated one stop shop review section as of Nov 2017
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Do you run the show in the rain or snow?
Yes, with possible delays.  Always check Facebook for a post if in doubt or call.

Is this a drive or walk through display?
It is a walk through light show.  

What are the hours for the show?

Weekdays: Sunday – Thursday 5:30-9pm through December 14th. Then Weekdays 5:30pm-10pm through New Years.  Then 530 to 8 till Jan 6th

Weekends: Friday & Saturday 5:30pm-10:30pm Sundays 5:30pm-9pm

When is it busy?  

The best times to avoid lines are at opening at 5:30 and after 8-830PM.

How long does it take to walk through? 
It can take anywhere from 10 to 30 mins or more.  

How  big is the tunnel?

The tunnel is 19ft to the peak and over 75 ft long and fully synchronized to music. 

When do you start putting the first lights up?
October 1st normally. It takes about 7 weeks to have all the scenes in place and tested. We install all of the synchronized effects first and then the ground effects.

Do you leave any of the lights up year round? We do not.  The weather in Colorado at altitude is too harsh for the equipment to stay out.

How long does it take to remove the lights?
A solid 4 weeks which can be altered by weather.

How do you choose your music?
Music can be one of the most challenging parts of producing a Christmas light show. We try to choose music that is appealing to all age groups, so normally we mix it up a little and make sure it fits with the choreography that we need for the show.

When does the light show begin each year?
This depends on a lot of factors, but usually we try and have the Light Show ready to go by the Thanksgiving weekend.