Times & Prices


Weather closure.  Check Facebook for the latest on cold or weather closure for the walk through show.  Any day when temps are below 20 degrees or precipitation is falling can be reasons for closure.  Local Weather Camera and links at bottom of page

2017/18 Winter Dates:
We are open November 24th through January 6th

2017 Open:

  • See calendar above
  • Closed on Christmas day

Cash & Credit Cards accepted
NOTE:  Walk through prices depending on the day.  See Calendar above. 

  • Walk through Admission covers per person, Kids/Youth 3-17
  • $7 per person adult Early/Late season/ $5 Kids
  • Group pricing for 10 or more Early/Late season $6 per person and $7 for Mid season*
  • Season Pass = $15 online or at the gate. Thinking of bringing back family or friends or giving the pass as a Gift.  For a great deal Order here and pick it up at the gate

*Mid-season will be  Dec 15th – 24th

***Temps below 20 degrees, SNOW or Sleet can all be reasons for temporary suspension of operations.  Trail upkeep is taking place.  We recommend winter footware and winter clothing if cold temps are present or if heavy precipitation has occurred in the last 48 hours.  In severe weather we may need to close for safety reasons. We will post on our Facebook website if closed. Check Facebook if you have any questions. ***

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